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The electric industry has experienced many exciting transformations in beneficial electrification throughout the decades. Electric irrigation exploded in the ‘70s. In the ‘90s, electric heat pumps were introduced. And, today? Today, it’s all about electric vehicles (EVs).

Statewide electric vehicle adoption creates a symbiotic relationship between you, the consumer, and us, your public power utilities. Yes, we experience growth in demand for electricity and the ability to balance load as more customers commit to electric vehicles and charging their vehicles primarily at night.

But, more-so, we are proud to offer you a charge on your electric vehicle that is cheaper than refilling with gas. Even better – we’re excited to provide you with clean energy solutions and work with you to make smart energy decisions. Part of this effort involves working with our ethanol partners to find relevant and thoughtful ways to incorporate ethanol into the solution, advance electric vehicle fuel cell technology, or combine biofuels and plug-in hybrid tech for those currently out of reach of the rapidly expanding network of charging stations available in more heavily populated areas.

Who better to partner with on this exciting new journey? Our mission and vision is dedicated to customer satisfaction, sustainability and affordability in all things electric. At the end of the day, we know electricity.

That’s why we’ve worked together to create electric vehicle incentives tailored to what you need and want – right now. Not only is fuel cost equal to buying gas for $0.75/gallon, but the substantial reduction in vehicle maintenance, as well as their responsiveness and technologically-enhanced intuition on roadways, are second to none.

There is no better time for you to consider an electric vehicle. All around you, incredible innovation and technological advancement is taking place, of which we are striving to lead the way. But, you must also consider the positive environmental impacts created from driving an all-electric vehicle, and how this allows you to be a true steward of the world around you.

The transition toward electric vehicles is another small step toward a movement those of us in the energy industry are passionate to be a part of. One that allows for decarbonization through reduced greenhouse gas emissions. One that carefully balances economical, societal and environmental considerations as we look to reduce our own carbon footprint through energy efficiency, cleaner generation sources and beneficial electrification. And, one that, ultimately, improves our roadways, our driving experience, and our environment.

As such, we want to be the first to show you why – and how – electric vehicles can be part of this incredible solution.

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